Patron-driven e-book use and users’ e-book perceptions: a snapshot

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This paper aims to provide a snapshot of student and staff attitudes towards e-books, collected through a web-based survey, as well as an analysis of use data for a specific universe of e-books provided via a patron-driven purchasing model and accessed during the survey timeframe. Design/methodology/approach – This research analyzed survey responses collected from May 2010 to December 2010 and use data for the universe of e-books made accessible via PDA, and used by library patrons, during this period. Findings – E-books are no longer a new phenomenon and the CSU Libraries have provided access to e-books for many years, yet users’ prior experience with e-books, perspectives on desirable and undesirable e-book characteristics, and preferences for print versus e-books as provided by the libraries continue to vary. During the libraries’ initial entry into PDA, e-books made accessible to users via this model received more use through browsing than sustained use or download, but relatively little use overall. The study provides a starting point for the continued analysis of this library’s PDA program, now the primary mechanism used to provide its academic user community with book access. Practical implications – The authors present a review of the literature and research findings about academic users’ interactions with, and preferences for, e-books. They provide a point-in-time analysis of user interactions with e-book titles made accessible via the libraries’ PDA program and a subject-level study of the use of these titles. Originality/value – This paper presents point-of-use feedback regarding e-books, from academic users, and detailed information about e-book titles accessed via a PDA model.

Autor: Merinda McLure y Amy Hoseth
Año: 2012
Formato: PDF


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