Uncovering eBooks real impact

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eBooks are the most dominant force in contemporary publishing. Their sales rose nearly 40 percent in 2010, and over a third of book publishers will issue more than 75 percent of their titles as eBooks in 2011. Aptara has tracked publishers’ transition from print to digital in response to the rise of eBooks through a series of three surveys, from 2009 to 2011. Designed to reveal the real impact of eBooks on book publishers, the annual surveys examined topics including preferred eBook formats, specific production approaches, preferred devices and platforms, distribution channels, enhancement strategies, and volumes and sources of eBook sales. The results present significant insights into the emergence of eBook trends and best practices across all four publishing market segments: Consumer (Trade), Professional Scientific/Technical/Medical (STM), Education (K–12 and College), and Corporate (B2B). The phenomenal growth in survey participation—100 percent year over year—reflects the rapid expansion of the eBook market and provides a statistically valid basis for the conclusions drawn from the survey. TheApril 2011 survey collected and organized responses from 1,350 publishers.
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Año: 2011
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