12 Best Medicine Books Of All Time

We can gain a majority of information through reading books compared to other means. Research has shown that regular reading helps improve our brain connectivity. So another good reason to start reading!

Here we will be discussing the best medicine books that you should read whether you are a student, practicing medicine, or have a love for gaining knowledge on medicines.

Listed below are 12 best medicine books of all time:

1. Being Mortal: Medicine And What Matters At The End By Atul Gawande

Being Mortal: Medicine And What Matters At The End By Atul Gawande

Being Mortal tells us about how medicines can enhance the quality of life and how medicines are not just about fixing problems but knowing when to let go of the person.

2. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20/E

It gives a detailed note on the developments made in medicine and the latest updates related to diagnosis, disease pathogenesis, guidelines on evidence-based practice, clinical trials, and newly approved methods for treatment.

3. Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual

When it comes to emergency medicine, this is the world’s bestselling book on this topic. It covers a range of emergency medicines for all ages of patients, from pediatric to adult.

4. Davidson’s Principles And Practice Of Medicine

Owned by more than two million doctors, medical students, and other health practitioners from all over the world, this book provides the latest information of medical practice and knowledge required to work as a medical practitioner and apply it while managing patients with problems than a particular disease.

5. Oxford Textbook Of Medicine

This book focuses on modern medicine and how it can help both patients and doctors. It’s divided into 30 sections that give detailed knowledge of key areas like health, disease, advancement made in biomedical sciences, patients and their expectations, vast medical knowledge, etc.

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6. When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi

An insight into the doctor-patient relationship, medicine, and meaning of life, this book gives a unique viewpoint on the way of living.

7. The Principles And Practice Of Medicine

This book is known as the world’s leading authority on imparting knowledge on modern medicines.

8. Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment

The book focuses on the practical side of patient management and clinical diagnosis in every sphere of internal medicine and other specialties, where practitioners give primary and general care.

9. The Emperor Of All Maldives: A Biography Of Cancer By Siddhartha Mukherjee

It is a story of cancer – when it first appeared, the processes of finding its cure, to control and rise against it. It gives insight into how modern medicines come into existence and provides hope for cancer medicines and treatments.

10. The Merck Manual Of Diagnosis And Therapy

A medical reference text that gives detailed information on the diagnosis and treatment of almost all medical conditions, even diseases that are uncommon.

11. Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kiddler

Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kiddler

Written about Dr. Paul Farmer and how he wanted to treat people most in need from around the world by providing modern medicines.

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12. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide By Joe Alton And Amy Alton

A unique book that prepares any average person to handle illnesses and injuries during a disaster when no modern medical facilities or practitioners are available.


These books are all high-quality books, giving you knowledge beyond just simple medicine.

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