10 Best New Plastic Surgery Books To Read In 2021

10 Best New Plastic Surgery Books To Read In 2021

Are you a budding Plastic Surgeon, trainee, or just someone who likes to invest in different genres of books? When we talk about the field of Plastic Surgery, books can be a reliable and informative source.

 Here we look at the 10 best new plastic surgery books that you can read in 2021. 

1. Plastic Surgery Case Review

Plastic Surgery Case Review

It is a definitive book written by Albert S. Woo, Reena A. Bhatt, and some esteemed writers and contributors. Each chapter features new and updated case reviews. Just like the first edition, this book is a must-have for any aspiring plastic surgeon or trainees at all levels.

This oral study guide is fully organized, with ten sections having short but high-quality chapters full of concise information. This new edition includes extensive detailed updates with new cases. Each case study in the book comes with high-quality images, descriptions, procedures, counseling, and potential complications.

This guide is a perfect study material for all those who want to excel in plastic surgery.

2. Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

This book features step by step procedure for performing a wide variety of ophthalmic plastic surgery. The author of this book is renowned surgeon Dr. Suzanne Frietag, along with noted experts as co-editors like Daniel Lefebvre, N. Grace Lee, and Michael Yoon.

The book has ten sections with 46 separate topics. Each topic covers a range of ophthalmic plastic surgeries, their expectations, procedures, complications, and post-operative care. It is a must-read for ophthalmic plastic surgeons for pre-operation consultation.

3. The Business of Plastic Surgery: Navigating a successful career (2nd edition)

The world of plastic surgery can be a rewarding career when you showcase your skills as a surgeon. The Business of Plastic Surgery is a compilation by Joshua M. Korman and Heather J. Furnas.

This book is a must-read for every plastic surgeon, whether they have just started their career or are just trainees. This comprehensive guide gives tips about excelling in group, academic or private practice. It tells how to embrace skills like new technology or digital platforms for more exposure and limelight.

You can see some rare topics in this book are perspectives on underrepresentation according to gender, race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. You also get to learn how to strike a balance between work and personal life to have a satisfying future.

4. Operative Plastic Surgery (2nd edition)

Operative Plastic Surgery (2nd edition)

The 2nd Edition of the Operative Plastic Surgery is an excellent study material to know about the most common plastic surgery procedures. This comprehensive text guide covers some of the traditional surgeries along with detailed instructions and best patient care. It also contains all the technical advancements in the field of plastic surgery.

Each chapter in this book gives insights into the different kinds of body defects, preoperative care, pathology, trauma care, procedures, etc. It even covers the operative room set up for a particular surgery along with markings and patient positioning.

With over 90 specific topics and defects, this book covers aesthetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery. It also has a new section covering non-invasive techniques like fillers, Botox, injectables, skincare, etc.

This book is the brainchild of Gregory R.D. Evans and an array of thought leaders from the world of plastic surgery. This book is a compilation of standard as well as new techniques with clear and concise instructions.

5. Textbook of Male Genithourethral Reconstruction

This book is a compilation of reconstructive surgeries done to correct genithourethral defects in male patients. The authors of this book are Sanjay B. Kulkarni, Francisco E. Martins and Tobias S. Kohler. The main aim is to help manage patients who have to go through genithourethral reconstruction surgery. It reviews surgical techniques along with technological advancements in the area of plastic surgery.

The first part of the book includes different types of urethral reconstruction, while the second section deals with reconstructive surgeries of the penile tissues, scrotal anomalies, or defects. This textbook is valuable for urologists, plastic surgeons, and medical students interested in urology and plastic surgery.

6. Abdominoplasty, An Issue of Clinics in Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty, An Issue of Clinics in Plastic Surgery

This book is guest-edited by James E. Zins and Dr. Alan Matarasso. It covers all aspects of Abdominoplasty. Some of the topics in this book are Abdominoplasty with combined surgery; Abdominoplasty is a Massive Weight Loss Patient, High-Definition Liposuction, etc.

7. Plastic Surgery Recovery Handbook

This book is for someone who has just had some plastic surgery or is planning to get one. The author of this book Kathleen Helen Lison shares her tips and advice on dealing with post-surgery recovery. The Plastic Surgery Recovery Handbook covers all aspects of what a patient goes through after plastic surgery, such as Brazilian lifts, Abdominoplasty, or facelifts. Anyone planning to get reconstructive surgery should consider reading this book to help them in faster recovery.

8. Advances in Plastic Surgery

Archer Queen writes advances in Plastic Surgery, and it covers all aspects of plastic surgeries. There are two types of plastic surgeries.  Reconstructive surgeries help to repair damaged tissue, such as treating burns or microsurgery. And Cosmetic surgeries are done to alter the appearance of a body part. This book gives a thorough knowledge about the why’s and how’s of the world of Plastic Surgery.

9. Best in Class Surgeons: Procedures and Outcomes

 Best in Class Surgeons: Procedures and Outcomes

This book is a compilation of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Through this book, you get an insight into their signature procedures and styles of surgery. It also has surgical drawing and after/before images that show their expertise level.

10. After The Cut: (The Psomas Method) How to Prepare for and Recover from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

After The Cut is a comprehensive guide, that deals with pre and post-recovery care. The author Nicole Psomas gives an overview of preparing your mind, body, and home for getting surgery. She states the fact that the best care provides the best results in the case of plastic surgery. This book will help you to avoid and deal with complications after surgery.


Now that you have your list of the best books about plastic surgery, we hope that they will provide you with endless ideas and knowledge. Happy reading. Read about books about unwanted hair and hair removal.

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